Yearly Archives: 2011

in between

Wearing some of my christmas gifts including the knee high boots which are the most comfortable 
shoes I have after my sneackers + the crazy nerd glasses for which I got both positive and negative
opinions but I still love them and have no intentions of putting them off.
New year’s eve is only 2 days away hope you already have plans, mine include epic parties xaxa 
c u next year lovelies! xxx

merry christmas !

Happy holidays to all of you dear readers and friends! Hope you’re having an amazing time!
I am off to a christmas party tonight, hope you are enjoying yourselves, too! xx 


I was on the hunt for a G hat for a loooong time and last week while browsinh through 
the man’s collection at New Yorker’s store I fell in love with this one.
I’m sorry for the lack of posts but the last 2 weeks I’m unbeliavbly busy.
Hopefully I’ll get some rest trhough the holidays . xx

shoot me

This is the shoot I told you about last week.
Unfortunately the photos didn’t turned out good, most of them are blurred and
there seems to be a problem with the autofocus..
p.s. the tattooed girl on my hand turned too funny 😀

go green

Just to be clear I’m wearing a dress, not a skirt. I folded the front and let the back long.
It’s from a random shop, doesn’t have a brand.
also shoes are from shoe aquarium and necklace is from parfois.