Monthly Archives: August 2011


shorts from Stradivarius; Converse sneakers; New Yorker sweatshirt;

These were taken few months ago and were part of this shoot but it looks like they got lost!
Anyways wearing one of my new favourite sweatshirts from New Yorker.
It’s so comfy and cool, I could wear it all the time.

isabel marrant boots

I would love to die in these ..

black and gold

wearing Tally Weijl dress and sunglasses; DIY bag and bracelets; Parfois necklace;
fox tale from Paolo Boticceli;converse
If it was on me I will wear high heels everyday but now I’m just not allowed to.
And that’s for at least for few more weeks, so I went shopping in search of cool flat shoes.
I got these sequined Converse and a pair of flat beige sandals.
hope everybody has a great weekend. xx


vintage bag, bracelet and watch;shoes from Kitty shop;

Lately everything from my mother’s closet looks just lovely!
This time I borrowed the pants, top and belt. Irresistable.
anyways I’m much better this week, went shopping, got some cool stuff and there are many photos to come! stay tuned and have a great week! xx


First time I saw Dolce’s starry dress I knew I will eventually need one.
Hopefully I will findone and if not, DIY is still and option.