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benetton wool is cool

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I am wearing Levi’s customized shirt; Bershka leather leggings; dad’s knit;
shoe aquarium shoes

A little late but I had to share some photos from last week’s Benetton fashion show.
It was amazing, the knit trend turns out to be really hot this winter and I totally love it.
I also had the chance to meet some new bloggers which always excites me.
You can check Benetton’s winter collection here.
Tonight there’s a Halloween party I’m attending and right now I’m preparing my costume.
There are many photos from the past weekend. Being 18 is so fun!
But that’s for now. We’ll see how it goes. xx

Juicy party

Finally got the photos from Juicy couture’s party. It was amazing, really fabolous
still kinda weird with all the celebs there.
There was also a fashion show presenting the fall collection but we couldn’t really take photos.
Anyway it was lovely!
SO the news is .. wait for it .. I’m turning 18! In like 10 minutes!
We’re going to party real hard the next few days .. but don’t worry I’ll take photos
and post them as soon as I can. Have a great weekend guys. xx

leo boots

wearing Juicy Couture necklace; Miss Sixty jeans; Zara top; shoe aquarium boots
Mango belt; DIY bracelets

This is my outfit from yesterday’s party at Juicy Couture.
I’m just going to say it was faboulous and tomorrow when I post photos from the actual party
I’ll tell you more.
Right now I’m preparing for a Benneton party happening tomorrow and for all the readers
from Sofia here’s a link to the event. I would be happy to see you there.


wearing shoe aquarium shoes; DIY bag; Terranova hat; Parfois necklace

I seriously have nothing to say except I felt french and chic wearing this outfit ..
but that’s me. I’m not sure if you think so, too.
anyway I can’t wait for tonight’s Juicy Couture party, stay tuned for photos. x


As it is freezing outside I’m playing with my camera indoors.
These I took a few days ago and judging from my facebook account my friends really liked them xaxa
anyways this week I’m attending some fashion events so so many photos are about to come.
enjoy your Sunday . x