Monthly Archives: May 2012

H&M For Water

H&M outfit

weaaring Terranova shorts and hat; thrifted shirt; shoes shoe aquarium; zara belt; h&m necklace
My outfit while I was at the H&M showroom last week.
I hate it when it’s hot and still rains. Crazy weather .

The Red Light District

bag, necklace DIY ; t-shirt from Amserdam; thrifted blazer
Outfit with my new handmade necklace .
I can’t explain how did I get inspired while studying for my finals but well,
one of the results looks great. Now we’ll see if I nailed the test . haha

Boyfriend Clothes

wearing madoc jeans; terranova sweater; h&m necklace and sneakers;parfois sunglasses
I did not only borrow the boyfriend jeans but also the boyfriend sweater and
I have to say the H&M sneakers turned out to be so comfy that I can’t stop wearing them.
 The photos are from a lovely dinner party at my friend’s place some days ago plus my outfit shot the morning after that . wishing you a great weekend while I’m studying hard for my exams next week .

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