Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Red Door

wearing h&m jacket, necklace, necklace; thrifted shirt; zara bag; converse sneackers


Don’t be scared of my face haha, just did my make up and it turned out too good not to take a shot.
Happy Valentines day, to those who are celebrating! xx
wearing a Monki top; h&m rings; sacha necklace

The Shelves

The weather was too good to waste after school, although it was still cold, we went for a walk and then we spend more than an hour in a second hand store for books, furniture and other shit like this. Shelves are so massive there, you can get lost ..


Ugh, quality of photos – none. Sorry for that. Anyways, did some shopping in my two week holiday, which is now over. Back to school tomorrow ..
wearing h&m pants, rings, jacket; zara bag, sneackers; betsey johnson sunnies; new yorker bomber;

White Fur and Zara Sales

Got this really cute mini fur carpet from Ikea the other day and some goods on sale from Zara.