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Lovers & Drifters Club

10853890_10204744383102502_862824888_oLovers&DriftersClub shag jacket | mango flares | jennyfer shirt | cheap monday sunglasses

Merry Christmas! And welcome to my last outfit post for 2014! If you are following me on Instagram, you probably have seen my obsession with this shag jacket by Lovers&Drifters Club, which my boyfriend surprised with for my birthday. I don’t know about you but I have been working through the holidays and don’t have time to dress up, so my suggestion is that you just throw on a very cool jacket (sparkly, shag or any chic and unusual fabric) over a black outfit and you are ready for the holiday parties! haha

Unfortunately that was all the free time I had and I am off for a quick visit to an exhibition called ‘Future of Fashion’  in Rotterdam and then back to work.
I wish you all great holidays! Hope you are spending them with your loved ones and talk to you soon!

Fur is Murder but it’s Damn Warm

IMG_9387 copy

I feel the need to explain myself as my boyfriend could barely stand me in this coat, claiming to be disgusting and horrible, denying to make photos for more than 5 minutes.

Yes, I am actually wearing real fur but honestly, there is nothing as warm and soft as real fur. I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian and I believe that it is in our nature to eat meat. On the other hand I don’t support wearing fur and I never have bought or will buy real fur. This coat in particular is my mother’s and is like 20 years old. I used to wear it for a short period when I still used to live with my parents, and since I went to visit there last week, I asked if I can take it for some time, as it is absolutely freezing over here.

I have been thinking about writing an article about coats, and maybe I will write partly about fur ones, so hope to get some reactions from the readers. I want to hear your thoughts on wearing fur in the sake of warmth or fashion, or is it unforgivable for any reason?

I hope my readers still love me and can wait till my next outfit, which will not be featuring any fur or leather! xx

Vintage Red Coat x Dusseldorf


vintage coat | gina tricot faux leather pants | primark shirt | h&m flats & scarf

Just one last look from our trip to Germany a couple of weeks ago, shot in beautiful Dusseldorf.
Currently I am packing for a short trip to Bulgaria, leaving tomorrow. Feeling excited to see my parents, sister and friends!
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Layering Denim

IMG_9353 copy

forever21 heels | vintage pants, blazer | h&m necklace | sunnies form camden market

Laajalahti Bredvik

IMG_8556 copy primark sweater | hm faux leather pants, scarf | zara heels
Don’t be surprised, but I still have some photos from Finland from last month! These were shot just outside Helsinki, on the way to Gallen Kalleo Museo, honestly it was quite cold but I think it was worth it!