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Somerset House


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Our trip to London was great! We partied, we shopped and visited quite a few restaurants and bakeries this time, as we are major food junkies 😀 I am thinking about doing a separate post with some of our food experiences there. In the mean time here are some shots from Somerset House, where we also visited Guy Bourdin’s exhibition, showing some of his work from the 80s.
Anyway, I have been working and studying for the past 4 months now, which turned out to be extremely exhausting and keeping me way too busy. I basically have like 5 folders full of photographs that I would like to share and I just can’t get to them. I still have the idea of sharing some recipes here, especially since my latest ‘thing’ is cooking vegan, which basically leaves you no choice but to be more creative in the kitchen. My plan is to start this food project in the coming weeks and share some of my new favourite healthy meals!
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Wishing you a good week! xx

How To Be Parisian

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