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Le Marais

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Chef Raya ‘Portuguese Vegan Kale Soup’

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There it goes girls and boys! As promised, here is another recipe that I recently tried and totally love!
As you might know kale is something typical in the dutch kitchen, usually made with mashed potatoes (and it tends to be kinda tasteless 😀 ), so my boyfriend was not very enthused when I decided to make soup with it. He is still not the biggest fan, I however think if you add more salt and other
yummy ingredients it becomes pretty flavourful.
For the meat-lovers here, you could add some chorizo, if you think vegetables won’t cut it.
Anyways I hope you enjoy cooking, with or without meat!

On another note, I am super busy with work, school and editing the thousands of photos from Paris, hopefully the first post will be coming this weekend! Bye! xx

In the zone

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I am back from Paris! And while I take some time editing the thousands of photos we took there, I’ve prepared something to keep you busy!
Enjoy the weekend xx

Hackney Road


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Second and last post from London, featuring my new favourite white coat, which has been stuck in my wardrobe since the weather in Holland is not as warm yet. However we are off again, this time to my long love Paris. It was about time we went back there, since it’s one of my favourite cities and I am full of excitement.
Last time we visited quite a lot of the monuments and historic places in the city, so this time we are going to take our time to walk around with no rush and enjoy the (possibly) better weather.

Hope you are also having a great time this weekend and be back next week to check out my second recepy post that I have been working on! xx

Chef Raya ‘Key Lime Pie’

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Happy Easter guys! It’s finally here! My first recepy for this blog is on!
I know I should have posted it a couple of days ago, so you can make it for Easter but I suggest after having all the chocolate eggs today,
it’s a good idea to prepare something easy for the coming days.
The cake contains no dairy, yet can be very sweet, I really hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I hope I have included enough pictures of the process, blending was not the prettiest view so sorry for not posting any of those pictures.