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AIDAROV studios


There it goes, one of my long anticipated projects is finally taking off. Some of you already know as I have been talking about it for I don’t even know how long anymore. Due to extremely full schedules we had to postpone our ‘launch’.

Anyway, AIDAROV studios, is a project I have been working on with a close friend of mine and art academy graduate Emil Aidarov. He had already started the process when I saw his work and wanted to join the team. And so our collaboration began.

Why am I telling you this now? Because we worked on creating a website for us and we are launching it today! And here is a link to it  –

AIDAROV is a brand that incorporates a few different philosophies. Firstly, our products are all made of high quality silk. Second is art, the art of hand painting on silk, in which we get better with every product we make. And third but not last, women. We love women, we love their bodies, we love their faces, we love their personalities. Our scarf collections are based on women. Every collection will portray a certain woman that has inspired us and her face as well as some of her body parts will be painted. Our clothing collection has a bit more freedom to it, we are working with silk as well as hand painting, and is concept is indirectly connected with the scarves.

We do not have set dates of upcoming collections, we are constantly working and the moment something is ready you will see it on our website and social media. Under the post you can find links to our social media pages as well as our website.

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