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Sit down next to me.

This thing I read the other day is completely
stuck in my head and boy, I have questions
and need to discuss. “The way you love is not
necessarily the same way other people love.”

Very simple and obvious but we, or maybe its
only me, seem to forget it all the time. Especially
when I am not loved the way I expect, I can
make it very difficult for myself. 

I was always ready to be in love. Like literally
always. And I’ve been there. So often, I don’t
remember each and every one of them. 

Back to the ways of loving. Question #1:

How long does it take before you realise you
are loved but just not in the way you know or
expect? Can you accept it? Should you accept
it? Even though real love does not ask questions,
lets not fool ourselves, there are questions.

So when do you draw the line and evaluate?
Or do you? 

When do you accept the differences and how
many are allowed?

Passion over everything or not?

I am always ready to fall in love. Being ready
doesn’t mean I want to. Sometimes I want to
but they don’t. But it doesn’t matter how much
you want to, they don’t call it carefully sitting
down next to love but fucking falling in it. 

So go ahead. Fall. I need to stand up first.

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Yearly Summaries

There’s a lot I can say about the past year. However nothing
new for the people who know me.           One adventure after
another. The only thing is that this past year    I experienced
everything so different than before.   It’s like I started over. I
remember   vaguely my other life before this one.          A few
times I found pieces of it, from the past life, but they seemed
so forgotten that I just dropped them and kept going. So many
first times as well as last ones. First time knowing me. I learned
to genuinely love,    myself and others. I fell in love with Paris
again, this time it was very pure, very familiar, very easy. And
now I am falling more and more in love with Amsterdam. The
most peaceful    moment of my day at the moment is when I
bike back from work through Utrechtsestraat, under a row of
Christmas lights.     And I don’t like Christmas. I love the lights
only on that street and no matter where I am I will try to bike
on that street in the evening.

One of the best days   of the year     I was sitting alone on a quiet
beach of west side of Ibiza, reading The Book of Disquiet. Or that
other day when I was walking through the Tulleries and listening
to Rachmaninov, setting an intense and overwhelming situation
for myself.    And then later, sitting in the Thalys and questioning
my choices, Simone de Beauvoir dropped it on me. The answer to
my all summer long dilemma was provided only 2 weeks before
the end of my trip…

And of course a good amount of lovers and a    better amount of
friends were a constant in this year’s affairs.        I can’t say I feel
blessed because come on,   you get to   choose   your   friends   so
obviously if you     choose poorly it’s on you.          However I feel
incredibly lucky  I met some beautiful people and I would like to
keep them for sometime. I feel like all these love lines should be
more poetic than what I have written but Jerry Seinfeld’s   voice
in my head keeps saying that poetry is just a careful selection of
words,       which don’t make you laugh at the end. And I want to
make you laugh at least a little.

As far as 2018 goes, I am happier than ever with the person I am
becoming. There are no particular resolutions on my mind. I just
hope there’s going     to be good music to play while jumping into
new realities. I hope everyone’s year was also full of adventures
and if not, well then it’s about time you do something about it.



Tuesday night. Alfama. The old city of Lisbon. We are listening
to live fado in an extremely crowded restaurant, but that is how
you are supposed to experience it. We walk outside for a cigarette
with a wine glass in hand. Easy. Sky full of stars. I can hear the sound
of the waves somewhere in the distance.

Fernando Pessoa once walked these streets. This place stayed his world
no matter how far he travelled. The gallery across the corner sells paintings
made from red wine and coffee. A lot of the paintings are of Pessoa. I can’t
understand much of what the Mongolian man, the owner, is saying but he is
making us step outside to show us something. Apparently the man who used
to wash Pessoa’s shoes used to live next door.

Earlier today I heard the legend of Luis de Comoes, who was on a boat, which
crashed in the sea so he swam to the shore with one hand above water
holding his poems. Supposedly he saved them. He lived opposite of the gallery
we were standing in.

I live for moments like this.


Broken Hearts

So many different types indeed.
Deep. Passionate. Comfortable. Crazy. Unconditional.
I love love.
I am in love.
With everyone and no-one.
But my heart breaks everyday.
Violence. Pain. Fear.
But mostly the fear of being alone.
Not my fear, but the fear I see in people, close to me.
It really breaks my heart and brings me to tears.

She keeps writing love letters and blabing on about how she is the best version of herself when with him. 
Who is she without him then?
How is this beautiful? A love, in which two people are complete only when together.
Who are they without one another?
Do you really feel like you are half a human?

Why are you so scared to be with yourself?
 Being alone is not being with yourself.
I mean the real one, the one that felt love and loss.
Why are you scared to dig in?
Feelings, I know. Annoying.
Now dig deeper.

Let me know when you find love.23270154_2399684606924349_2171217164960272510_o

You only live once..right?

Ok, so I’ve been watching this show ‘No Tomorrow’ and I wouldn’t say that it led me to the thoughts that I am about to express, because I have been living by the same moto for some time now but it encouraged me to talk about it. (even more yes)

So plotline in short – hot Australian guy has a theory about the world’s end and is trying to make the most of the time that is left on Earth. Falls in love with an uptight girl and is teaching her how to live life basically. Not gonna spoil more of it, my main focus is the end of the world factor and living life. So they write this Apocalist …

I remember when I was a teenager I got this idea of living abroad and it just always stayed with me, something that I had to do. Fortunately my parents supported me in that idea and there it is, moved to the Netherlands. Now I’m gonna cross that one of my ‘apocalist’.

If you don’t know me, I am the type of person who says ‘Let’s go!’ and does not stop or look back. I make decisions quickly, I would say I do not regret 95% of them, because what I regret even more is things that I haven’t done. Now, last year I was confronted that I am selfish for choosing over my dreams/apocalist instead of love. But I am in love with my dreams.

My parents used to tell me ‘You have gone there to study, don’t be too distracted with love’… Love is not a distraction, its the real fucking thing. I loved and was loved. I don’t regret any moment of it. That was and always will be on my list, probably as #1. Be in love.

Point is, even though it ended I did manage to cross off a lot of things of my list (love itself including) and I was lucky enough to have someone by my side doing them. And you know how people say, yea but if its not shared its not real happiness BLA BLA BLA, bullshit. There’s so much I’ve done by myself that has made me happy. I’m definitely gonna talk about the norms of society and why are we taught to think that you cannot lead a happy life as a person without a loved one.

Getting way out of topic and at the same time not really. What I mean is that it doesn’t matter how much you have left of your life, live it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t save what you have to say. Have a first time of something as often as you can. Try different activities, that you have always wanted to try. Meet new people, have fun. I don’t want to be someone who says ‘Oh, maybe I should have done that’ and neither should anyone else be that person.

That really felt like I was giving one of those motivational speeches for depressed people or something. I just want everyone who reads this to feel as inspired and have as much fun with life as I do. I hope I at least made you think about it!

I’m gonna go dance now. It’s Friday.