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Zara Cravings

I had my third exam this week, and have two more to go! But since I am free tomorrow I decided to take a break from studying for an hour or two and went for a very quick shopping therapy. I went to Zara and got a white shirt with dots and also spotted some stuff from the new collection. Spring is not coming soon over here, however this doesn’t mean we have to wear all black. I love this babyblue color but I never actually find cool pieces in it, so these items instantly went on top of my list. The heels are perfect, since I have been looking for a black or white pair of stilettos and they are both. Dress – not the biggest fan of yellow, but it is simple and oversized, I think it would be very comfy and would be a good touch to my wardrobe.
Conclusion – more studying, less spending and Zara, here I come.
Bye now, have a great week!

Christmas Wishlist

 1. Buckle boots  2. Lace up boots
3. Pale blue jacket    4. Grey crossed sweater   5. Pale greenish coat
6. Beige coat   7. Purple trench   8. Beige trench
While boyfriend is wondering what to get me for Christmas, I’m making a wishlist and starting to order myself. I think the first to go is the Purple trench and yes I have a thousand jackets already, but seriously, who doesn’t? I will continue with the cool crossed sweater and try to get my hands on a Proenza Schouler bag. Those patent leather boots are killing me, but maybe Santa will be good and give me an extra this year.
What is on your Christmas list?