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Chef Raya ‘Portuguese Vegan Kale Soup’

IMG_0669 copy
There it goes girls and boys! As promised, here is another recipe that I recently tried and totally love!
As you might know kale is something typical in the dutch kitchen, usually made with mashed potatoes (and it tends to be kinda tasteless 😀 ), so my boyfriend was not very enthused when I decided to make soup with it. He is still not the biggest fan, I however think if you add more salt and other
yummy ingredients it becomes pretty flavourful.
For the meat-lovers here, you could add some chorizo, if you think vegetables won’t cut it.
Anyways I hope you enjoy cooking, with or without meat!

On another note, I am super busy with work, school and editing the thousands of photos from Paris, hopefully the first post will be coming this weekend! Bye! xx

Chef Raya ‘Key Lime Pie’

IMG_0601 copy

Happy Easter guys! It’s finally here! My first recepy for this blog is on!
I know I should have posted it a couple of days ago, so you can make it for Easter but I suggest after having all the chocolate eggs today,
it’s a good idea to prepare something easy for the coming days.
The cake contains no dairy, yet can be very sweet, I really hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I hope I have included enough pictures of the process, blending was not the prettiest view so sorry for not posting any of those pictures.