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AIDAROV studios


There it goes, one of my long anticipated projects is finally taking off. Some of you already know as I have been talking about it for I don’t even know how long anymore. Due to extremely full schedules we had to postpone our ‘launch’.

Anyway, AIDAROV studios, is a project I have been working on with a close friend of mine and art academy graduate Emil Aidarov. He had already started the process when I saw his work and wanted to join the team. And so our collaboration began.

Why am I telling you this now? Because we worked on creating a website for us and we are launching it today! And here is a link to it  –

AIDAROV is a brand that incorporates a few different philosophies. Firstly, our products are all made of high quality silk. Second is art, the art of hand painting on silk, in which we get better with every product we make. And third but not last, women. We love women, we love their bodies, we love their faces, we love their personalities. Our scarf collections are based on women. Every collection will portray a certain woman that has inspired us and her face as well as some of her body parts will be painted. Our clothing collection has a bit more freedom to it, we are working with silk as well as hand painting, and is concept is indirectly connected with the scarves.

We do not have set dates of upcoming collections, we are constantly working and the moment something is ready you will see it on our website and social media. Under the post you can find links to our social media pages as well as our website.

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Hi, there! I don’t think I ever actually uploaded pictures of my dog, but she is such a beauty, isn’t she? Plus when you click on more, you will find an outfit featuring my new ‘I can fit my whole house in’ bag from Pull & Bear. I had two very busy months, juggling two jobs and loads of projects at school, followed by exams, which are now finally over. so –>
Stay tuned cause I am ready to upload lots of new content in the coming weeks! xx

Fur is Murder but it’s Damn Warm

IMG_9387 copy

I feel the need to explain myself as my boyfriend could barely stand me in this coat, claiming to be disgusting and horrible, denying to make photos for more than 5 minutes.

Yes, I am actually wearing real fur but honestly, there is nothing as warm and soft as real fur. I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian and I believe that it is in our nature to eat meat. On the other hand I don’t support wearing fur and I never have bought or will buy real fur. This coat in particular is my mother’s and is like 20 years old. I used to wear it for a short period when I still used to live with my parents, and since I went to visit there last week, I asked if I can take it for some time, as it is absolutely freezing over here.

I have been thinking about writing an article about coats, and maybe I will write partly about fur ones, so hope to get some reactions from the readers. I want to hear your thoughts on wearing fur in the sake of warmth or fashion, or is it unforgivable for any reason?

I hope my readers still love me and can wait till my next outfit, which will not be featuring any fur or leather! xx


10370564_623963847687315_1959982131_nnastygal boots
primark top and sunnies
madoc vintage jeans
zara bag
vintage black stone bracelet
weekday bracelet
nafnaf necklace

Back to Brunette

10362385_623963381020695_1276631518_nprimark sunnies
h&m dress and jeans
nelly shoes
monki bra