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It’s PROM time!

May is the month of the proms in Bulgaria and even though I already graduated last year and I don’t even live there now I can’t not talk about it. I am especially curious to see what the graduates have prepared for this year, since we are famous with our extravagant choice for not such a big event. Last year I wore a very simple long transparent dress with some sparkly jewelry and hair down. Only the color was a bit extravagant since it was orange-ish. However girls do take prom very serious in Bulgaria and most of them get very creative, unfortunately not always in a good way.

I know that it is really hard to find the perfect dress judging from my experience, not only if the budget is limited but also not being able to find the right color or size. The whole scouting is a pain in the ass, I am glad I didn’t really put that much effort at the time of my prom but the result was not bad at all.

I have selected a couple of evening dresses which I find very suitable for this event. If I had the chance to pick one more time a prom dress for me it would be the same romantic and flowing style as my first one, in pastel colors and some sparkly jewelry. I guess most of the girls have already prepared their costumes so it wouldn’t be the first inspiration they see, yet I hope I will inspire others. 

I bet every girl wants to feel like a princess once in a while, and how can you not in one of these dresses!
You can check more evening dresses on the website of Persun Mall.




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    Scyt Rac May 29, 2013

    Great.. All Evening dresses are stunning ..
    I specially like the fourth one..
    Well thanks for this post

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    mason richard June 5, 2013

    What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing this! Would love to hear more from you about Evening dresses..

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    Charles November 12, 2013

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    kamiya November 30, 2013

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    kanupriya January 11, 2014

    wow.. what a dresses all dresses are very beautiful.. i really like this types of dresses.. I was extremely pleased to find this website. I wanted to thank you for this good knowledge and I definitely enjoying every single small bit of it and I am looking forward to check out new stuff you post.. thanks for posting.. keep it up..

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