Chef Raya ‘Key Lime Pie’

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Happy Easter guys! It’s finally here! My first recepy for this blog is on!
I know I should have posted it a couple of days ago, so you can make it for Easter but I suggest after having all the chocolate eggs today,
it’s a good idea to prepare something easy for the coming days.
The cake contains no dairy, yet can be very sweet, I really hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I hope I have included enough pictures of the process, blending was not the prettiest view so sorry for not posting any of those pictures.


2 -3 big avocados, if they are small like mine you can use 4-5
250 grams of oat meal
1 package (250grams ) of dried dates
2 limes 
1 or 2 spoons of sugar (depends how sour/sweet you like it)
1 package of coconut shavings (for the topping)
ice-cream of your choice (for the topping)

For the crust you will need the oat meal, dates, and a blender.
Mix the oat meal with the dates in the blender. If  the dates are too dry, put them in water for 10-15 min, so they can get softer.
After you mix them, put them in a plato/cake pan and massage them with your hands until you get a flat round cake crust.
Put it in the fridge for 20 minutes so the crust can get tight.

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While the crust is getting ready, use the blender again to mix the avocados. Add the juice of the limes in it and a spoon of sugar.
When the mix is ready, apply it on top of the crust and spread it around.
You can now put it in the fridge for an hour, so it can get tight, you can also put it in the freezer if you are in a hurry.
Frozen avocado is also pretty good, but then it has to stay in there for a couple of hours.

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The cake is ready! 😀
Now you have to cut it in pieces and prepare the coconut shavings and ice-cream for the topping.

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