Chef Raya ‘Portuguese Vegan Kale Soup’

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There it goes girls and boys! As promised, here is another recipe that I recently tried and totally love!
As you might know kale is something typical in the dutch kitchen, usually made with mashed potatoes (and it tends to be kinda tasteless 😀 ), so my boyfriend was not very enthused when I decided to make soup with it. He is still not the biggest fan, I however think if you add more salt and other
yummy ingredients it becomes pretty flavourful.
For the meat-lovers here, you could add some chorizo, if you think vegetables won’t cut it.
Anyways I hope you enjoy cooking, with or without meat!

On another note, I am super busy with work, school and editing the thousands of photos from Paris, hopefully the first post will be coming this weekend! Bye! xx

2 soup spoons of oil
3 medium big potatoes
2 medium big onions
4 garlic cloves
2 bay leaves
1 kg kale
1 can chic peas (250 grams)
1 vegetable broth

salt + pepper + dried vegetables ingredients
1 can diced tomatoes

Heat 2 spoons of oil and half a litre of water in a deep pan and steer it for 5 minutes.

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Cut the potatoes and onion in small cubes and add them to the oil and water.

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Cut the garlic and bay leaves in small pieces.

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Add the kale, garlic and bay leaves to the pan, where you already have the potatoes and onion. Steer all of them together until the potatoes become soft.

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Add ingredients like vegetable broth, salt, pepper. I used a Bulgarian ingredient, called chubritza, which is basically mixed dried vegetables with some pepper and salt. Also add the chic peas and diced tomatoes into the pan.
If you get fresh chic peas, they need longer to boil, so either put them earlier into the pan, or leave them for a couple of hours in a bowl of water, before you start cooking.

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STEP 6. 
Steer everything together for another 5-10 minutes. Add more salt/pepper if needed.

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It’s ready! You can pour it into bowls now and attack!
Serve it with some fresh bread/baguette for better taste.
Bon apetit!

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