Fur is Murder but it’s Damn Warm

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I feel the need to explain myself as my boyfriend could barely stand me in this coat, claiming to be disgusting and horrible, denying to make photos for more than 5 minutes.

Yes, I am actually wearing real fur but honestly, there is nothing as warm and soft as real fur. I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian and I believe that it is in our nature to eat meat. On the other hand I don’t support wearing fur and I never have bought or will buy real fur. This coat in particular is my mother’s and is like 20 years old. I used to wear it for a short period when I still used to live with my parents, and since I went to visit there last week, I asked if I can take it for some time, as it is absolutely freezing over here.

I have been thinking about writing an article about coats, and maybe I will write partly about fur ones, so hope to get some reactions from the readers. I want to hear your thoughts on wearing fur in the sake of warmth or fashion, or is it unforgivable for any reason?

I hope my readers still love me and can wait till my next outfit, which will not be featuring any fur or leather! xx

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