The enchanted rose.

My room is full of dead flowers.
Death is more alluring than life.
No wonder people write about it so often.
Dry petals on the floor.
Why bother picking them up?
Why would I?
Who came up with this concept?
Flowers are to be thrown away when dried.
Who came up with this aesthetic? 

Pour water in it.
It won’t come back to life.
But you already knew that.
With flowers you know that eventually it will die.
No matter what you do, it’s nature.
Sooner or later the circle of life kicks in.
The old leafs fall down and the new ones come out.
Sometimes it just dies forever.

Love does not work like that.
You go in, you hope it will last forever.
You keep pouring your heart in.
It does. Love does last forever.
But you have to keep picking flowers.

Not every rose is enchanted.


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